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Financial understanding for every employee

ProfitAbility builds business and financial competence so people are more productive in their jobs and deliver improved cash flow and profit.

ProfitAbility creates and runs programmes that give managers anything from basic business and financial understanding, right through to profitable strategy implementation, better decision-making and improved performance throughout the organisation. Our innovation and design team customises our financial understanding programmes for clients every day, to ensure that they reflect the language and drivers of value in your business - and generate positive business outcomes.

Because our financial training courses are experiential, even the driest subjects, such as balance sheets, profit and cash flow become involving, interactive, and fun. The competitive nature of the business simulation accelerates the financial learning process. Essentially, participants learn more, and retain more, than through traditional learning methodologies , and spend less time away from their day job doing so.

For senior executives

Senior business executives usually understand the KPIs that are key to running their part of the company. However, we find that most executives do not understand well enough how their decisions impact the key profit and value measurements used across the enterprise.

We deliver financial training to business executives every week, for companies such as Siemens, Roche and RaboBank, and have even run programmes for the Financial Directors’ Institute of America.

Do you have a financial skills gap in your company?

To understand whether you have a financial skills gap in your business, why not participate in the Global Financial Skills Survey 2013? We are offering businesses the chance to measure the level of both confidence and competence in financial concepts, in up to 100 managers. The survey is completely free to run, and as well as providing you with a summarised report, we will publish a detailed report later in 2013, showcasing the trends, gaps and opportunities for improving business and financial understanding.

To run the survey in your organisation, simply email

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