Leadership Development

Are your managers ready to become the leaders of the future?

ProfitAbility’s leadership development programmes achieve real business change. They embed the skills and behaviours managers need to lead at a higher level, and deliver improved business results.
We develop powerful experiential learning solutions to your time-frame and budget. The question we always ask is "What makes your organisation unique?" to deliver highly effective customised training.

Accelerate learning

ProfitAbility leadership solutions work on the principle of "learning by doing" to increase self-awareness, engagement and buy-in. In 2012 alone, ProfitAbility helped GE, IDEX, Siemens, GKN, Nestlé and Roche enhance their leadership curricula, generating measurable business improvement.

Leadership comes first

Every leader needs followers - people that look to them for advice, support, and direction. This is why we believe that self-awareness - an understanding of your natural leadership style, strengths and weaknesses - is fundamental to developing leadership skills.

The latest version of Magnetic Leadership - MagneCo - has launched this month specifically to meet the needs of UK and European business.

The leadership learning journey

ProfitAbility offers a range of leadership simulation as part of a "leadership learning journey". Our learning services consultants will work with you to weave together a leadership solution which might include both your own in-house or outsourced content, plus:

Strategic ProfitAbility – Build financial understanding across organisations, ensuring your high potentials understand how the business makes money, and the impact of their own decisions on profit and cash.

Magnetic Leadership  Turn managers into leaders who make better decisions. Accelerate talent development through self-awareness. 

The Strategy Simulation – Balancing strategic objectives involves multiple stakeholders and complex interdependencies. Create line-of-sight from strategic decisions to business outcomes, and ensure the effective execution of top level plans.

Curatr – Structured social learning platform supports any leadership development initiative and can help embed the learning, linking it to business outcomes. Ideal to support any high potential programme and compatible with all LMS systems.

Handling Difficult Conversations - Using an interactive forum theatre "simulation" to empower managers to handle difficult conversations effectively

Decision maker - A digital strategy simulation tool that gives managers immediate feedback on the impact of their decisions, through a programmable series of scenarios and business metrics.


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