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We need cohesion and common language across our portfolio

of companies

How do you bring disparate businesses together to move in step, towards the same goal? In an organization with half a million employees, built by acquisition, there was no common understanding of terms like “growth” and “profit”. Compass Group wanted to instil a common language for “value”, so that every person understood their contribution to the whole.

"Demand for Mapping for Value has been greater than we ever imagined.


This is the best programme they have experienced and has helped us achieve year on year financial improvement. Mapping for Value is to become our flagship in terms of business organisation."



Thousands of Compass Group’s top leaders have successfully navigated growth of 11bn to 22bn revenue, and a 700% uplift share price, using a common language of “value”.


When the late CEO Richard Cousins started at Compass Group in 2006, he inherited a fragmented portfolio of companies. His top priority was to create a more cohesive group from these disparate organisations.

The then HR Director at Compass Group, explained, “We needed an international ‘Compass language’ to achieve our strategic aims. Teams were motivated but needed one common platform from which to share.”


The critical part of the solution for Compass Group was to turn the abstract into the real. With thousands of employees across the globe, each from different businesses, we knew the challenge was to design a solution that instilled a common language for value.


We worked with the leadership team to teach a frame- work called MAP (Management And Performance). MAP is a framework for describing the business that improves profitability and cash generation. Using this as a base framework, we co-designed a learning experience called Mapping for Value, which drove adoption of new behaviour in three key areas:


  • Developing team financial understanding

  • Illustrating cause and effect in quantifiable business terms, showing managers how they drive profit and cash flow.

We co-created a model for Compass Group employees to interact with that reacts just like Compass’s financial model, giving every person a crystal-clear view of the effect of their decisions. It has been delivered to thousands of their managers throughout the world and is part of Compass’s ongoing leadership development curriculum, getting everyone lined up behind the same financial goals and speaking the same language.

We are problem solvers.

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