What if every employee understood the financial impact of every decision they made?

Our flagship simulation! We have worked across 50 different sectors, and over 25 functions, modelling how businesses operate, and translating this into business simulations that replicate your exact working environment. Each and every person in your business can understand how their actions impact overall success.

“The simulation provided good insight in the financial models we use to manage our business and where I can contribute.” 

GKN Participant


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Immerse teams in the way your business works.


Show them how it performs when you change processes, release new products and compete for new clients.  Participants gain an essential overview of:


  • The total dynamics of your business (this can be built specifically to your sector / industry)

  • How money flows through the business and what impacts bottom line and top line results

  • How each decision has a financial consequence

  • How to interpret and prepare basic balance sheet and P&L (income statement) reports


Our experiences accelerate your people to an understanding of your business fundamentals, so that they can contribute to the key measures of business success: gross profit, net profit and shareholder value.


Our experiences are fast-paced, practical and challenging, focusing on establishing robust business and financial acumen.


They are typically delivered with groups of 12-24 participants, divided into small teams of 3 or 4 competing with each other under changing market conditions. 


Bespoke versions of these simulations replicate the exact working environments in specific businesses and take participants through historical and hypothetical challenges that test their commercial decision making and prepare them for likely future events.


Each team will set out a business plan, buy and sell products, hire employees, make capital investments, take out loans, research the competition and make decisions based on their position in the marketplace.


The goal is to create more profit and value than competing teams, while maintaining positive cash flow.  In between each competitive round, participants receive immediate feedback from experienced facilitators and reflect on their decisions, before executing the next phase of their plan.

We are problem solvers.

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