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Head office

Profitability Business Simulations Ltd

Stables 1, Howbery Park, Wallingford,


OX10 8BA


T +44 (0) 1491 821 900

We need our lawyers at all levels

to be able to run a successful law firm

In a legal business, the focus is oft en on the details of the case. Lawyers are trained in the
art of law, but not necessarily in the practicalities of running a legal fi rm. We worked with
DLA Piper to create an experience for their legal teams at all levels, that enabled their
people to experience the highs and lows of running a business.

The problem to solve

As a partnership, DLA Piper has
several hundred owners.

As part of a change in strategy, these owners were all given a greater degree of financial responsibility.

There was a need to bring sound
financial management to life, across a variety of different roles.


Working with DLA Piper, we designed a simulation which mapped the precise financial levers that determine success in law firms.




Thousands of Compass Group’s top leaders
have successfully navigated growth of 11bn
to 22bn revenue, and a 700% uplift share
price, using a common language of “value”.

At first, some lawyers are
sceptical - we’re talking
about very bright, highly
qualified individuals who
are essentially being asked
to play a board game at
work! But the competitive
element soon takes over

and teams generate increasingly sophisticated

management techniques
which deliver both profit
and growth”

The Solution

Our complete focus on the power of experience to transform behaviour distinguishes Profitability
from other training companies. We know that the concentrated experience of being part of a team, experimenting with failure, witnessing and managing
risk, exploring ways forward and then revelling in the success of a well-planned project together is transformational.

DLA’s owners are divided into competing teams, each running their own law fi rm. Time is compressed so that numerous business cycles play out over the
programme. After each business cycle, teams have the opportunity to revise their strategy and try a different
approach. This fast-feedback approach means that people can get to grips quickly with how their decisions
impact the financial health of the business, in real and concrete terms. This engaging and challenging business simulation is for people at all levels within a law fi rm: trainees, the newly qualified, assistants,
associates and partners alike. The innovative and highly involving methodology helps every person to
understand the business issues that drive a law fi rm to success, leading to increased commercial awareness.

We take time to understand complex problems, 

we work together with you to resolve them.