Experiences designed to 

accelerate performance

Our experiences are designed for a singular purpose – to accelerate performance through active learning.

These aren’t theoretical. They are super practical. Your people will adopt new fundamental ways of operating immediately, and practice implementing new decisions, over and over again. 

We have built experiences for manufacturing plants struggling with production quality, banks suffering in the aftermath of the housing crisis, and highly technical drug-filing teams working against the clock to get new drugs to market. 




Our commercial experiences visually re-create your business model, so that your people can quickly grasp how their decisions contribute to value creation.

Our situational experiences focus on behavioural effectiveness. We re-create the pressures of management, working agile and delivering complex projects.

Our digital experiences enable effectiveness at scale with simple to use, practical tools that involve competition and real-life scenarios to drive adoption.


A fun, dynamic and digitally-enabled experience in how to create business value

Effective businesses speak a common language of value.


Magnetic Leadership

Rapidly prepare your managers to deliver your strategy

Re-create the pressures of leadership with real-time feedback

Corporate ProfitAbility

Create total clarity on how individual decisions impact results

Effective businesses speak a common language of value


Pricing for Profit

Enable everyone to truly understand pricing dynamics

Give your people the confidence to communicate value

We are problem solvers.

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