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Let your team create, test and launch a digital product

Navigate digital disruption and instil digital mindsets


Simulation outputs:

The Digital Innovation Simulation takes participants through the process of analysing market data to anticipate market opportunities.  They will understand how to evaluate new product ideas, compare new technologies and ultimately work together to develop and launch a new digital product.

This simulation provides a high-level, but detailed introduction to several key tools and concepts including:


•     The 6Ds of digital disruption

•     Lean Start-up approach and the
       Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

•     Agile development

•     Product-market fit

•     The Value Proposition Canvas

•     The Business Model Canvas


The simulation is designed to introduce participants to the world of digital innovation, and help them to think of the impact of digital disruptions to their own business, as well as the opportunities for their own development.

“It was very comprehensive and immersive training. Lots on embedding of high-level concept right down to detail –

Siemens participant

What does it look like and how does it work?

This cloud-based, digital simulation provides geographically dispersed teams with a platform to work together in order to drive the development process.  They interact across different time zones as remote teams, going through the process in parallel and managing each stage in collaboration.  The aims being, to ensure that each step of the process is accelerated and that new ways of working are identified.


The teams reach natural points in the process where they get to evaluate what they have achieved and assess the commercial options they have to continue, change or discontinue the product development process.  


The final stages of the simulation see the teams launching their new products into the market and seeing the impact of their collaborative efforts.


This simulation can be set up to run in stages over a period of months or as a single event over a number of days.

We are problem solvers. 

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