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ProfitAbility and Ososim launch Visible Value

Visible Value is a fun, dynamic and digitally-enabled experience in how to create business value.

We have created Visible Value to simplify the fundamentals of business finance into a realistic and dynamic simulation that brings theory to life.

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What are Business Simulations?

Our co-founder and chairman Nigel Downing answers FAQs on Business Simulations.

What are they? What are the benefits? What kinds of problems do they solve?

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Driving Change Conference – 12th September 2019

We have a way of thinking about change and we want to tell you all about it. Why not come along to next week’s conference and hear it for yourself?

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What if we didn’t tell our people what to do?

There’s a great deal of evidence to suggest that what people create for themselves, they value more.

In Tali Short’s book ‘The Influential Mind’, she writes that “‘Govern your surroundings’ would be your brain’s slogan, if it had one.

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Lorry drivers and the technology adoption problem

Recently we have been helping a number of our clients to introduce new ways of working, underpinned by new digital technologies.

Traditional models of adoption when it comes to technology in business have focused on the technology itself

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Are you cost cutting, or value creating? Maybe you’re neither.

Most businesses naturally cut costs. In the same breath, they will say they need to create long term value.

In October 2008, internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales amounted to 5.3%...

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ProfitAbility launches new partnership with Ososim

We are delighted to announce a new learning partnership with global digital learning provider Ososim.

Ososim is a global learning technology company that helps organisations bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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ProfitAbility Covid-19 Update

We are trying to do everything we can to make sure our employees and our customers can get through this period as smoothly as possible.

We have started creating and building virtual and digital learning experiences, that are ready to be used now.

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What our designers get up to: a simulation with 532,441 possible outcomes

How many ways are there to implement a new technology in your business?

At Zilliant’s Mindshare conference in Texas we launched an application that precisely models the outcomes of critical business decisions

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We love having a clear problem to solve.

Stryker’s question to us was: how can we create a sense of shared purpose across our global sales team, in a way that shows them the commercial value in black and white?

Stryker is a US-based company and world-leader in the design, production and supply of medical devices and equipment such as joint replacement implants, surgical tools, stents and heart valves.

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Brexit might be new, but uncertainty isn’t

As the reality of Brexit looms ever closer, how can we give our people the confidence to navigate through the chaos?

As the reality of Brexit looms ever closer, how can we give our people the confidence to navigate through the chaos?


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A return to classroom training

The question we’re increasingly hearing from our clients is “when will it be safe to resume our face to face training sessions?”

Companies are have having to weigh up the information around COVID-19 against a rapidly expanding gap in employee skills and development

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Our virtual facilitation guide

As we transition our courses to a virtual format, we wanted to share some of the principles our team are using to ensure successful facilitation

We have broken down virtual facilitation into four areas: Technology, Preparation of participants, Preparation of facilitators, Course delivery

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Why distributed working could lead to greater levels of effectiveness

Covid-19 is dismantling some traditional assumptions, rules and functions of how teams connect and perform.

At the heart of the problem is enabling teams to feel a sense of ‘connectedness’, where people in different roles or functions realise how the way in

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250,000 opportunities a year to prepare young minds for business

In Great Britain alone there are some 250,000 secondary school students in one form of Business Education or another.

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Hope is not a strategy

When James Cameron, world famous movie director, was starting the revolutionary AVATAR movie project he had t–shirts made up for his crew, with the words:

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