Create high performing teams that consistently deliver your business objectives

Enable disparate functions to collaborate and 
solve problems that hinder performance

and Change

Teams perform at their best when they are empowered 
to drive change and work collaboratively.

Our change simulations take cross-functional teams through a series of immersive, interactive experiences that highlight the inefficiencies of working in silos. They make key decisions together, taking ownership of issues that impact their performance and define the ways of working more effectively together.

Simulation outputs:

For teams to work more collaboratively, they need to think in terms of business processes rather than functions and jobs. This creates greater appreciation for the daily challenges that others in the organisation face and how improved collaboration delivers performance gains.

Through the simulation exercises, teams and individuals are exposed to “real-life” workflow challenges and learn how to prioritise these to focus on customer needs. They learn how to process map, conduct root cause analysis and manage change, in ways that create involvement and ownership.

These simulations benefit sales teams changing from product to customer focus, small teams wanting to improve customer orientation and any organisation experiencing consistent change.

It was well structured 
and each step in the 
simulation helped us gain knowledge and apply new tools to gradually achieve the overall performance of the team and learn how to think about processes rather than functions

Timken participant

What does it look like and how does it work?

Our flagship change simulation (TCS) drops participants into a dysfunctional business. They encounter bureaucratic systems, ineffective processes, and poor productivity. They experience, first-hand, the pressures and challenges of working in a constrained business environment and have to work together to bring about change. Their challenge is to rebuild the business, working against time and financial constraints to achieve tough commercial and customer satisfaction objectives.

These 1-2 day, facilitated programmes take participants through multiple business cycles, where success depends on delivering customer orders on time and to budget. Every idea for improvement is tried and tested, to see what impact it has on customer satisfaction, sales, and profitability. Each action cycle is followed by immediate feedback and results analysis, which inform subsequent cycles that build an iterative learning experience and translates directly to the workplace.

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