Prepare your client facing teams for 
the challenges they will encounter.

Give them the confidence and capability 
to differentiate and succeed.

Sales Excellence

In every sector there are new and different threats to existing businesses models, as well as huge opportunities for those who recognise them.

Yet most managers are not thinking in ways that will allow them to make the most of the coming changes. A paradigm shift is required, as the pace of change increases and staying ahead means acting early.

Simulation outputs:

Our sales excellence programmes equip teams to respond quickly to changing market conditions through a range of experiential challenges. They learn how to get the most from new technology and information sources, how to anticipate client requirements, how to differentiate in highly competitive markets and how to stay ahead of the pack.

Through a combination of simulations covering: - strategic pricing, technology adoption, leadership, influencing and strategic planning, we are able to significantly enhance the capability of new and existing sales teams.

The true to life simulations enable a transition from product to customer focused approaches, instill growth mindset and new behaviours, ease adoption of complex sales technologies and fundamentally transform underperforming teams.

It was highly engaging and enjoyable and delivered 
a plan which enabled us to meet our objectives.

Paul Rimmer SIG

What does it look like and how does it work?

Our sales excellence programmes are delivered in a number of different formats, including board based, situational and digital formats. Each of these are designed to tackle different aspects of the sales process at different levels of sophistication, from basic sales technique, through to strategic bidding and market development.

The simulations create a range of challenges including; negotiation, value based pricing, bidding and account planning, that participants work through to overcome. They compete in teams against their competitors in the room, pitching for work, delivering client orders and influencing decisions. Each round is debriefed by an experienced facilitator (in the on-site programmes) and teams iterate and evolve their strategies to achieve their best market position.

The nature of the participants and the effectiveness of these simulations results in a rapid return on investment in many cases, with clients achieving “in-year” returns.

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