Instill self-awareness and 
accountability for leaders at all levels.

Establish the benchmark for leadership in your business.

Transform leaders

What natural behaviours would you see from your leaders when 
they’re placed in a highly pressured environment?

Our leadership simulations are tailored to replicate real client environments and present the challenges that leaders within these businesses face every day. They are proven to break habits, change mindset and build lasting capability.

Simulation outputs:

Organisations that engage high potential talent and prepare them effectively for leadership sustain a competitive advantage. Our situational simulations place participants in highly challenging, true-to-life business scenarios where they are encouraged to take chances, make mistakes and to learn by doing. Participants rotate as leaders throughout theses programmes and structure their teams to complete challenging commercial and operational tasks in order to influence agreed KPI’s.

All participants develop capability and individual style through multiple challenging sessions that draw out natural and learned behaviours. Feedback throughout the 1-3 day programmes is immediate and comprehensive, leading to increased self-awareness and behavioural change. Facilitators lead each experience to a defined client brief and ensure that participants return to their roles with actionable objectives.

I have never been through a course that gave me so much insight into my leadership strengths and weaknesses in such a 
limited time

John Epperson, Risk Consulting Manager, Crowe Horwath, LLP

What does it look like and how does it work?

Working with our experienced facilitators throughout the experience, participants will gain a deep understanding of their leadership styles, as seen by others, and will develop new ways to lead and inspire their teams when back at the workplace.

Our leadership programmes can be fully customised, aligning the key competencies to meet the needs of the business and those needed to succeed in leadership positions. Some of the customisations focus on developing or implementing the talent strategy, communicating your leadership vision, or the embedding of your culture.

Programmes are typically run over one to three days, with any number of participants and are marketed internally for those either already in leadership positions, emerging leaders and high potentials.

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