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Cultivating inclusive leadership with CoachHub


CoachHub, the leading digital coaching platform, were approached by a global client in 2022, who was looking to move beyond traditional training and help people managers practise and enhance their inclusive leadership skills, while still having coaches on-hand to provide support. Part of their challenge was being able to analyse the habitual behaviour that surfaced during team simulations, in an effective way. CoachHub wanted to ensure any solution was secure and scalable, and was able to share accurate observational data with all key stakeholders.


CoachHub approached ProfitAbility to work together on a pilot program that was web-based and could integrate into the client’s platform. Together, they developed CoachAbility, a web-based observation tool, which allows trained observers to time-stamp key behaviours displayed during simulations. This creates unique video links for later analysis, and to be shared with the participant at future coaching sessions.

The pilot was designed to combine team-based learning, through the playing of business simulation games, with the power of 1:1 coaching, ultimately helping to promote self-awareness and inclusive behaviours amongst participants.


The two-phase pilot, conducted between October 2022 and April 2023, achieved

remarkable results:

  • Program KPIs:

    • Target program completion rate: 95% (Achieved 97%)

    • Target pre-post assessment completion rate: 80% (Achieved 72%)

    • Target NPS: 50 (Achieved 73)

    • 100% agreement with learning outcomes related to inclusive leadership.

  • Linked Business KPIs (measured over the next 3 years):

    • 5% reduction in turnover from participant population (vs. non-participant control group).

    • 5% increase in promotion rates from participant population (vs. non-participant control group).

    • 5% increase in adoption of internal talent programs by the participant population (vs. non-participant control group).

The program's success led the client to commit to an expanded program, with corresponding pilots in other areas of the organisation. Insights from CoachAbility observations also offered valuable data for shaping future training and development and benchmarking progress.

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