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Join our leadership development event on 24th March!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2023 surveyed more than 15,000 business leaders worldwide. The quality and quantity of respondents mean it is superior to most other business trend forecasts.

  • The research shows a clear correlation between training and financial performance. 54% of organisations which invest in leadership development at all levels say they are in the top 10% in their industry in terms of financial performance

When asked what sort of leadership development was needed in 2023, respondents were clear that they wanted to learn through interactive experiences with their peers, combined with professional coaching:

Further research shows that game-based learning is about 90% more effective for knowledge retention than traditional webinar or lecture-style training.

PBS are global leaders in game-based learning and have partnered with CoachHub, the largest digital coaching organisation in the world, to enable leaders to experience these 2 most sought-after approaches at scale.

On 24th March we’re offering our clients and partners a chance to hear from learning leaders at Schneider Electric who have implemented the combined offering from PBS and CoachHub in a gold-standard leadership development program. See more info and sign up for free below.

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