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Mosaic Game Open Demo

At ProfitAbility, we take a different approach to corporate training. We combine social and collaborative learning approaches with experiential games, designed to mimic the complexities and pressure of the day job. Our simulations incorporate the full learning curve of; taking action, receiving feedback, planning, reassessing and restarting, allowing participants to learn in a few hours what might take months or years in their real jobs. 

Our 90-minute demo sessions are an opportunity for anyone responsible for, or with an interest in, learning and development in large organisations to come along and find out more about ProfitAbility, how business simulations work, and the impact they can have on the triple bottom line. 

We'd love for you to join us on Wednesday 16th October, as we explore Mosaic Game, a challenging and memorable learning experience to enable self-aware and inclusive leaders, collaborative teams and effective feedback. Participant teams compete against each other to build and manage a tile-making business. Regular reflection and feedback allows participants to make sense of, and improve, they way they are working.

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