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Transforming Compass with Mapping for Value (MfV)


In 2006, Compass Group, a global leader in contract foodservice and support services, faced a significant challenge. Through numerous acquisitions, the company has expanded, and they were dealing with a diverse and geographically dispersed organisation. Throughout the business there was no common language or framework to describe and manage the business.

To address this, Compass Group introduced the Management and Performance (MAP) framework. Over time, they realised that the challenge was to ensure this framework was fully embedded into the organisation, providing a holistic understanding of the financial implications of decisions.


Compass Group partnered with ProfitAbility, to develop ‘Mapping for Value’ (MfV), a comprehensive training program that would serve as a common language, deepen financial understanding and spread awareness of best practices across the company.

MfV consisted of several components:

  • Introduction to the MAP Framework: The program offered an in-depth introduction to each of the five MAP areas, ensuring that all participants were well-versed in the framework's key concepts.

  • Business Simulation: Participants engaged in a business simulation of the entire Compass Group. They made decisions related to the five MAP areas while competing in a resource-constrained competitive environment, with a focus on growth, profit, and cash generation

  • Sharing of Personal Experience: The program encouraged participants to share their personal experiences in each area, enabling individuals from various disciplines to understand their role in contributing to financial performance.

The program was designed in close collaboration with Compass Group's Strategy Director, HR Director, Finance Director, and other senior colleagues. This ensured that the program accurately portrayed the complexity of Compass Group's business and the interplay of decisions across different functions.


It was initially rolled out to the top 200 managers within a year, and its success prompted its expansion to the next 2,000 managers in the following year. Since then, the program has been a standard part of onboarding and promotions for

senior positions. The financial learning and understanding achieved were rigorously measured through before-and-after tests. The adoption and implementation of the MAP framework, facilitated by the MfV program, was credited as a contributing factor to the continued high performance of Compass Group's stock in subsequent years.


MfV delivered multiple positive outcomes for Compass Group:

  • Common Language and Thinking: The program ensured that employees across the organization became fluent in the MAP language and thinking. This common language is evident in all reporting, management interactions, and meetings.

  • Improved Collaboration: Managers gained the ability to discuss the financial implications of any decision, fostering better collaboration across various functions and departments.

  • Best Practices Awareness: MfV successfully spread awareness of best practices throughout Compass Group, meeting the organization's objectives.

The program received high praise from participants, and the power of MAP in enhancing communication and financial results was evident throughout the organization.


Mapping for Value has stood the test of time and remains in use due to its effectiveness in introducing and embedding the MAP management framework at Compass Group. Participants consistently rate the program highly, and its impact on communication and collaboration is evident, helping Compass Group achieve its strategic aims.

Ali Fox, program sponsor at Compass Group, acknowledges the program's success, stating, "The subsequent game-based program based on the MAP framework has been so successful that it has been used worldwide since 2008, giving every senior manager a line of sight to how they affect business performance, and markedly improve both communication and financial results. The MAP framework remains the foundation of Compass’ strong performance today."

In 2023, Compass Group is set to see a record volume of MfV courses delivered, driven by strong post-pandemic growth and a new digital version of the simulation, allowing virtual delivery to remote participants worldwide. ProfitAbility continues to work closely with Compass Group to make content modifications that align with the latest context and is expanding its delivery capacity by training new facilitators in the US and India.

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