Our sales excellence programmes equip teams to respond quickly to changing market conditions and accelerate profitable growth.

In most commercial teams, there is a shortage of true market and pricing knowledge. This is the key to selling the right types of deals, that deliver your business strategy. Through a hands on experience we get your teams to experiment with different ways of approaching the market, and how by taking a new approach they can benefit your business, your customers and themselves.

“It was highly engaging and enjoyable and delivered a plan which enabled us to meet our objectives.”

Paul Rimmer - SIG PLC

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Our experiences equip teams to respond quickly to changing market conditions through a range of challenges. 


They learn:

  • How to anticipate client requirements

  • How to differentiate in highly competitive markets and how to stay ahead of the pack

  • How to incorporate new product offerings such as new technology or services into a customer narrative


Through this we are able to rapidly accelerate the speed at which sales teams adopt the sales strategy.


We break down each aspect of the sales process from basic sales technique, through to strategic bidding and market development.


The experience creates a range of challenges including; negotiation, value based pricing, bidding and account planning, that participants work through to overcome.  Teams compete in teams against their competitors in the room, pitching for work, delivering client orders and influencing decisions. 


Each round is debriefed and teams iterate and evolve their strategies to achieve the optimal market position, ensuring that what and how they are selling is in line with your business goals. 


Our experiences result in a rapid return on investment in many cases, with clients achieving “in-year” returns.

We are problem solvers.

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