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An immersive virtual learning experience to improve financial literacy, business acumen and decision making

In partnership with Ososim

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At ProfitAbility we accelerate performance by providing highly engaging, competitive and unpredictable learning experiences which prepare people to solve real problems.

We don’t teach. We don’t do case studies. We don’t do slideshows. We rapidly enable people to “learn by doing”


Focusing primarily on enhancing commercial acumen, our competitive business simulations bring abstract concepts to life and promote critical attributes for performance, such as risk-taking, collaboration and problem-solving. 


Some of the world’s largest companies and universities have been dependent on our simulations for over 30 years, and with capabilities to deliver programs virtually or face-to-face we are ready to help organisations thrive in the post-Covid reality.


Most training or learning programs give participants no opportunity to realistically apply what they are being taught, so the learning is rarely retained and concepts remain abstract.


That's the core problem we solve. 

Highly realistic and relevant

We work with organisations to design experiences which match their reality and to deliver specific learning outcomes, but our core methodology ensures competition, challenge and engagement every time. 

Move from abstract to physical

Strategies are abstract. Terms like value creation, profit and loss, and customer satisfaction are concepts. Our approach allows individuals to physically see, touch and move the consequences of their decisions

Encourage the unpredictable

Training courses and theories are predictable. Our solutions are designed to encourage experimentation and error. No one course can ever be the same because the results depend on the unpredictability of the people in them.

30 years.
500 clients.
5,000 courses.
500,000 participants
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