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Key outcomes

  • Helicopter perspective of a dealership

  • Experience the cause and effect of decisions on a retailer's finances

  • Deep understanding of dealership KPIs 

Who is it for

  • Commercial teams and managers in the automotive and off-road industry.

  • Commercial and Business managers within retailers. 



per participant

per hour

How does it work

Working in small teams competing against others, participants plan stock levels for their new and used vehicles, calculate machine financing and manage the utilisation of their parts and services departments. Repeated planning, action, results and reflection phases help participants understand the impacts their decisions are having, and how they could be improved in the game - and back at work!

Business Benefit

  • Better decision making from leaders

  • Improved reputation with dealerships

  • Improved profitability

Companies who have played this game

JCB, VW, BMW, Bentley, Skoda

Aha! I get it now.

The Retailer Experience enables automotive and off-road manufacturers to build more successful relationships with their dealerships

Retailer Experience

Game Modules

The core game runs over 2 days in which multiple business cycles are simulated. Learning content can be modified to incorporate specific KPIs, objectives and contexts. To find out more, please contact us.

Oliver Sands

JCB, April 2023

"I've now got a much better understanding of the challenges dealers have to manage each day."

Daniel Jenner

JCB, April 2023

"I've now got a much better understanding of the difference between mark-up and margin. I'll also focus far more on customer satisfaction than before!"

Joe Giles

JCB, April 2023

"I'm now able to link day to day decisions to KPIs and, more importantly, I'm able to put myself in the dealer's shoes when dealing with specific issues" 


This is what participants have to say about this game

 bg OPT 1.png

“This is the best training I’ve ever experienced”

Most corporate training is boring, irrelevant or immediately forgotten. Our approach combines experiential and social learning to create immersive, lifelike and memorable experiences. 

Participants learn in a few hours what might take months or years in their real jobs.

Who it involves

Normally between 12 to 24 participants in each session (but this is flexible), competing in smaller teams against each other. 

They are led at all times by a facilitator either from PBS or the client.

How long it lasts

Most games are 2-8 hours. Some classroom courses last up to 4 days. We tend to avoid playing online for more than half a day in one go. 

There is normally some brief pre-work for participants to complete and we suggest a short follow-up workshop to embed the learning.

Where it happens

Almost all of our games can be played face-to-face, virtually or a combination of both. 

Increasingly, we are seeing demand for digital games to be played face-to-face in the classroom.

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