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Retailer Simulation at JCB

In the face of disruption across the operation landscape in the automotive industry, it's crucial for skill sets to evolve. We've developed a business simulation, Retail Experience, which is being used by multiple Euopean OEMs to support them with this business transformation.

This short video, recording in collaboration with the team at JCB, showcases the Retail Experience simulation in action, along with sharing the experiences of participants.

Our speakers

  • Dan Fitzsimmons, Automotive Transformation Consultant

  • Jon Nixon, General Manager, Dealer Development, JCB

  • Nigel Trend, Facilitator, ProfitAbility Business Simulations

  • Jean-Philippe Bioteau, Sales Manager, French JCB Dealer M3

  • Jake Hallas, Executive Support, JCB

  • Graham Hutchings, CEO, ProfitAbility Business Simulations

Interested in learning more about Retail Experience or how a simulation could help your organisation achieve it's goals? Get in touch with us >


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