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Richard Crawshay Takes the Helm as MD Americas at ProfitAbility

We are pleased to announce that Richard Crawshay has been appointed ProfitAbility’s Managing Director for the Americas region. With an impressive track record of client engagement, account expansion, and a keen focus on sustainable transformation, Richard brings over 40 years of diverse experience to his new role.

In the four years that Richard has been with ProfitAbility, he has played a pivotal role in cultivating relationships with key clients, such as Tarmac, Roche and Compass. His ability to navigate complex business landscapes has positioned ProfitAbility for continued growth and success. 

One of the highlights from last year, which Richard was instrumental in the success of, was launching our ‘Making Waves’ game for 200 leaders at PepsiCo’s Sustainability Summit in New York in September. This initiative underscores ProfitAbility's commitment to driving positive change in corporate practices and aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious business solutions.

The landscape of Learning and Development (L&D) is undergoing a real shift, emphasising the need for targeted solutions that address specific business challenges efficiently. Richard champions game-based learning as a powerful tool to accelerate performance in adopting organisations, and his strategic vision aligns with ProfitAbiity commitment to providing impactful and resource-efficient learning solutions. 

"As we grow rapidly it is becoming increasingly important to deploy our key talent to our key markets. Richard has extensive experience working in the US, which is set to be a hotbed of game-based learning over the next 5 years. Richard is therefore ideally placed to support our clients and partners across the region whilst maintaining his role as a Director of our group business." 

Graham Hutchings, CEO at ProfitAbility

The appointment of Richard Crawshay as the Managing Director for the Americas at ProfitAbility marks a significant milestone in the company's journey. With a focus on game-based learning, sustainable transformation, and strategic client engagement, Richard is well-positioned to drive innovation and growth in the dynamic landscape of Learning and Development. As ProfitAbility continues to evolve, Richard's wealth of experience and strategic vision will undoubtedly contribute to the company's ongoing success.

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