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Whoops... I appear to be responsible for some real humans

When I became a father for the first time, I remember it took a few days to sink in that I was actually responsible for this strange new creature.  

Despite my attempts, I couldn’t just give it back when I’d had enough. 

Though you have 9 months to think about it, nothing quite prepares you for parenthood.  

But once it happens, you are thrust into the messiness of it all, some level of natural instinct kicks in and you rapidly figure out how to ride the rollercoaster of raising a family. 

Since the advent of “management” in the mid-20th century, most organisations have given high performers teams of humans to manage as part of reward/retention strategies. This often happens without any training in how to actually do this.  

Unlike parenthood, only a minority of us possess the natural instinct, capability and desire to lead others. But a majority of us like the badge of success – and financial benefits - that attaining a managerial post usually represents.  

These high performers often become accidental managers, a major contributor to performance and cultural issues.  

So amidst the tidal wave of digital upskilling, effective leadership development training is crucial for adequately equipping managers to lead others.  

Much training on this topic remains abstract or boring, like the NCT classes for new parents. You don’t really learn until you actually do it.  

So leadership development training needs to accurately re-create the messy, unpredictable scenarios of managing real humans in the context of a pressurised business environment.  

This is what simulation or game-based learning achieves, and why it’s an essential component of any effort to reduce the risk of accidental management. 

Find out more about our People Games can help upskill your managers in a way the deliver lasting results.

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