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Balancing Profit and Sustainability: Making Waves in Business

It all started with a tin of Quality Street. Normally saved just for the festive season, we recently had some in the office for an All-Hands meeting. We noticed that the shiny, plastic-and-foil wrappers of yesteryear had been replaced with paper. After a quick Google, we found that Nestle, who own the 86-year old brand, had made the change in 2022, hoping to save an estimated 2 billion wrappers from joining landfill annually. This small but significant change reflects a broader shift in consumer behaviour and how the corporate world needs to respond to both environmental concerns, and pressure from consumers.

According to Bain & Company’s inaugural Global Paper & Packaging Report, 71% of European consumers claim they want to buy sustainable products, and the same percentage of US consumers claim they want to buy products with as little packaging as possible. And of course, switching to recyclable packaging still has an impact on the environment. I recently saw a post from Vojtech Vosecky, a Top Green Voice on LinkedIn, which shared a staggering statistic: 3 billion trees are felled annually for paper packaging in Europe, while the EU aims to plant an equal number by 2030.

The Green Call to Action

On an individual level, we all try to do our bit - recycling our household waste, reducing the amount of plastic we buy and bin, and cutting down on short journeys in the car. But where do you start if you are working at a multinational company, responsible for producing and distributing products around the world?

With the responsibility now falling on companies to innovate and reduce their carbon footprint, without compromising profitability, we are excited to introduce Making Waves - a simulation designed for multinational teams navigating the seas of sustainability. This game provides a safe and dynamic space for professionals to learn about sustainability, while also juggling business performance, stakeholder buy-in, and consumer feedback.

Imagine your team transported to the fictional island of Eden, where the task at hand is managing manufacturing companies. Designed for cross-functional teams, Making Waves delves into the sustainability value proposition while maximising profit and impact. From supply chain choices to distribution strategies, each move has consequences, as every decision echoes throughout subsequent rounds of the game.

Making Waves: Navigating the Seas of Sustainability

Join us on December 12th, as Richard Crawshay hosts an interactive demo of Making Waves. The immersive experience will showcase how the game equips cross-functional teams to make strategic decisions in a simulation environment, mirroring the challenges faced by large organisations today.

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