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Did you learn anything? AKA, lessons from my wife.

At PBS, we’ve recently launched learning impact polls, which we run before and after our games, to assess the attainment of relevant learning objectives across the participant cohorts.

The early data from these is validation for our learn-by-doing approach: rapid learning on complex topics is possible in just a few hours, whilst playing a game!

I proudly showed one of these polls, from a Visible Value program to my wife recently, who ordinarily shows no interest at all in what I do.

Me: “Look at this… look at the improvement across just a few hours”

My wife (frowning): “Well… obviously you should be achieving that. Isn’t that the whole point of what you do? That should be a given. Why are you so excited by that?”

Me: “Errr…”

So, this made me reflect… there is still such a challenge in L&D around “engaging learners” and providing really memorable and differentiated learning experiences.

But, the solution design must primarily focus on enabling the participants to attain the learning objectives – which must directly align to clearly identified business challenges.

Then it requires effective long-term assessment of behaviour and performance changes to assess the full impact of any initiatives.

Check out more on how we measure the impact of what we do here, and a fantastic new case study which brings this to life here.


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