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How can we make work a kinder place?

Last week, our team was excited to attend the inaugural Making Work Better Conference, hosted by Investors in People. In this article, we’ll share our key takeaways from the event, which centered around employee experience, inclusivity and adaptability - topics which are really important to ProfitAbility and the L&D professionals we work with.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of CIPD, and an authority on HR and the future of work, took the stage to emphasise the pivotal role of flexible working in achieving true inclusion within organisations. He underscored the profound connection between workplace culture and employee engagement. One of his key messages was a warning about the impact of rising costs of living on employees, urging organisations to consider salaries, rewards, and bonuses for the upcoming year in light of this pressure.

Later in the day, we heard from Ben Whitter, an influential author and authority of Employee Experience (EX). During his talk, Ben posed a fundamental question: Can we create a kinder workplace? He then went onto provide actionable insights to achieve this goal:

  • Holistic Accountability: Ben encouraged organisations to make the entire business accountable for the employee experience. Recognising that improvements in employee experience correlate with better business performance, this holistic approach can drive positive change.

  • Architect of Our Own Experiences: Emphasising the importance of individual agency, Ben urged employees to become architects of their own experiences within the organisation. This empowerment can lead to greater job satisfaction and productivity.

  • People and Spaces: Ben highlighted the significance of aligning the work environment with employees' preferences and needs. Understanding how new hires want to work and providing the necessary support is critical for their success.

  • Co-Creation: Ben advocated for co-creating, co-delivering, and co-leading the employee experience. Involving employees in shaping their own work journey fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration.

The key takeaway for us after the conference was that building a better workplace is not just a goal. It’s a shared responsibility that can transform companies, and the lives of those that work within them.


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