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Playing our way to a greener tomorrow

The talk around climate change is more pronounced than ever, thanks to extreme weather events and rising global temperatures. With more awareness of the impact of carbon emissions, organisations are facing mounting pressure to reduce their environmental impact.

But what does this all mean for businesses? And can going green actually boost your bottom line?

The Climate Crisis

The last few years have seen a real shift in how we talk about climate change. Extreme weather events, like the devastating heatwaves and related wildfires in Europe this summer, serve as a stark reminder of the need for action. These events are happening worldwide, and businesses are feeling the heat to slash their emissions.

ESG Compliance (and its shortcomings!)

Take this for instance: About three-quarters of the UK’s top 500 venture capital-backed startups aren’t even trying to measure or offset their carbon emissions. And out of the VCs looked at, the highest climate action score was 37 out of a possible 100.

That’s not all. Despite being universally backed by business leaders, nearly half of businesses polled for the Profusion report, aren’t tracking their ESG agenda, making it challenging to come up with data-driven ESG plans. And even those that are, aren’t bringing their employees along for the journey, with no access to the performance dashboards.

What do consumers want? Values-aligned companies!

In addition to ESG compliance, there are also the demands of the consumer to consider. Research from Harris Poll shows that increasingly consumers aren’t just buying products; they are buying into your values as well. 82% of shoppers want brands to share their values, and if the brand doesn’t, 75% of shoppers will take their money elsewhere.

So, in the midst of all this, can we play our way to a greener, more sustainable world?

Game-based learning for sustainable transformation

Making Waves offers a solution, taking your team to the fictional island of Eden, where they manage manufacturing companies. Teams need to juggle financial performance and sustainability, and every decision - from supply chain to distribution - has consequences within later rounds of the game.

It’s designed for cross-functional teams, so players can learn about the sustainability value proposition, while also figuring out how to maximise profit and impact, while protecting your company’s reputation.

Take Action

With the climate crisis taking centre stage, and stakeholders pushing for more sustainable choices, it’s time to level up your game.

On 12th December, Richard Crawshay is running an open demo of Making Waves. We'd love for you to join us to play along and find out more.


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